Buildings/Contents Insurance

Why Buildings and Contents Insurance is Important?

A buildings and contents insurance policy is essential for protecting your home and contents. Many homeowners however, have a quite flippant attitude to selecting buildings and contents insurance cover mainly because they don't have the time to wade through a mass of policy schedules from different insurers and are basically under the impression that all home insurance policies are pretty much the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth, insurers are quite specific about what their policy will cover and the conditions under which a claim can be made so it is vitally important to have a good understanding of the features and exclusions being offered before choosing the cover that's right for you.

How To Compare Home Insurance Deals

When it comes to comparing buildings and contents insurance cover, cheapest is definitely not always the best. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for" and home insurance cover is no exception. What could be worse than having some kind of major problem with your home or damage to one or more of your personal possessions only to find that the great deal you got on your insurance policy doesn't fully cover the incident when you go to claim?

Are Your Contents Properly Covered?

One of the biggest mistakes people make with contents insurance is underestimating the value of their personal possessions. When you make a claim for loss or damage the first thing the loss adjuster will look at is whether you have covered the value of your possessions correctly. If you haven't you may find that the insurer will consider that you are under insured and will only pay a proportion of the value of the damaged or lost item leaving you to find the rest of the money to buy a replacement.

How to Calculate What Your Possessions Are Really Worth

To avoid these circumstances make sure that you calculate the value of your contents properly. Start by making a list of all the possessions in each room of your home and price each of them as if you are buying them new (today's cost). For example a couple of hundred music CD's could have a replacement cost of £3000 or more if some of them are rare copies of sought after albums.

When you have a complete list of items add the total value together and you will be surprised at the number you arrive at. Don't forget all the stuff hidden in the loft or stored in the garage as well as the gardening equipment tucked away in the shed all of which can amount to a tidy sum. It's not a bad idea to give a copy of this list to the insurer when you sign up for the policy, after all they would find it hard to argue against any claim if they had a detailed list of everything to be covered at the start of the policy.

Let Us Find The Most Suitable Deal For You

At Your Mortgage Broker Cardiff Ltd our Mortgage Advisers offer advice on a range of home and contents plans. Our specialist knowledge will enable us to quickly advise you on the right policy to suit your personal requirements. This doesn't mean it's going to cost you a fortune to get the right cover either, our insurers are some of the most competitive in terms of price in the market so you will still get that great deal and the benefit of knowing that you will be covered correctly should you need to make a claim.