Bridging Loan Criteria

Bridging Loan Criteria

Loan Sizes
Min loan £25,000 - £500,000,000

(although we do have access to lenders who may consider anything above £500 million on a case by case basis)

1st, 2nd or even 3rd charges in some instances.

We predominantly cover the following areas:

- London
- Manchester
- Bristol
- Cardiff
- Liverpool

However we do have access to many lenders who will lend right across England, Wales and Scotland. Access to lenders across the EU also.

Age of Applicant

Applicant must have a minimum age of 18 Years old. No maximum age.

Bridging Loan Calculator

Use our calculator tool to get an estimation of costs associated with different loan amounts.

Credit History
Lenders will accept applicants with adverse credit history including:

- Satisfied/ Unsatisfied CCJ's
- Defaults
- Unsecured/ secured arrears
- IVA's
- Bankruptcy - if discharged or if funds are being used to be discharged
- Repossessions - to stop repossession or to regain possession of a property

- 1 - 36 months.
- Regulated bridging loans as defined by the FCA are for a maximum term of 12 months.

Who They Lend To

- Private individuals
- Limited companies
- Partnerships
- Offshore Companies

Property Types

- Houses
- Flats (freehold or leasehold)
- Mixed use premises
- Shops
- Offices
- Care Homes
- Land (with or without planning)
- Farm land
- Health/ Leisure Clubs
- Pubs
- Hotels
- B & B
- Development (with or without planning)
- Holiday Homes

Loan Purpose

- Buy property at auction (normally auctions require a swift exchange and completion)
- Funding renovation or other building work
- Clearing secured and/ or unsecured debts
- Cash for business purposes
- Maintaining a place in a sale chain
- Buy land prior to obtaining planning permission
- Buying a property in a poor condition that may be deemed too risky for a standard mortgage lender
- Buying a business
- To bridge whilst waiting for other funds to come through
- To pay off an existing bridge facility if sale or refinance elsewhere has still not been achieved

Bridging Loan Criteria